Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tamagotchi Mesutchi & Osutchi

Finally I got new members added in my tamagotchi collection. It's been a while since my last purchase of these babies. Mostly because of I've been busying on some other projects and have no time to search for any new collectibles, but lately I've found these for sale in a pair at very cheap prices because they're in pre-owned condition, and according from the seller one of the console's pixel is not functioning.. (one pixel only) But I don't really mind since it's just a minor problem for me.

Product info: Bandai (1997) Tamagotchi Mesutchi / Osutchi

If you don't know about this series, they are the first tamagotchi which introduced the breeding concept, mesu simply represent the girl in Japanese, while osu represent the boy. You can also identify the gender by looking at their packaging (girl in purple packaging and boy in blue packaging)

The feature is this removable cap which expose the conductor, this use to attach two toys together.

Osutchi tamagotchi in clear black shell

These are how they look like after they've attached.

I've not try out the console, neither to wake them up,
I just want to keep them as new as possible :)..

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