Saturday, January 7, 2017

Re-Ment: Disney Dreamy Magical Restaurant

Finally I took some time to do close up photos for Re-Ment.. It's been a while since my last update. This time I would like to introduce the world most dreamy and magical Re-Ment--The Disney Magical Restaurant. Actually I love any Re-Ment that is related to Disney, but this box is the one I love the most among all my Disney collection, check the close up below and you'll know why!

Product info: RE-MENT (2010) Disney Magical Restaurant

Line up from 1st box to 8th box.

The complete collection of Disney Dreamy Magical Restaurant.
My verdict? Super detailed!

Some cutlery has turn a little yellowish although I never display them,
it's an old collection though.
Will end the post here, till next time! :)

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