Friday, October 21, 2016

Re-Ment: Rilakkuma Strawberry Sweets Party

Today we will have an insight of this Rilakkuma Re-ment which I got it quite some times. You probably don't want to miss this out if you're a super fans of Rilakkuma like me :D

Product info: Re-Ment(2011) Rilakkuma Strawberry Sweets

Line up with: 1) The party has started! 2) Strawberry present box, 3) Relaxing with strawberry tea, 4) Many many strawberry cakes, 5) Surprise strawberry creampuff, 6) Chilly ice cream, 7) Exciting chocolate fondue, 8) Birthday cake

I seriously love this strawberry theme so much~
Below are the close up for each box according to the line up on the box, enjoy viewing :D

Look at that strawberry tea pot.. It's so cute isn't it? ><

Dip and dunk~ Which do you prefer? Strawberry or marshmallow?

The whole cake is always the best~

After everything was out of the packaging..
The entire collection looks so pinky and sweet ^^

Figurine collection of this set (ʃƪ'w')

I just want to own these tableware like so much >_<

Will end the post here, till next time :)

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