Sunday, October 2, 2016

Re-Ment: Rainbow Deli

Product info: RE-MENT (2007) Rainbow Deli

Line up with: 1) Meatloaf & minestrone soup, 2) Berry patch yogurt, 3) Avocado salad, 4) Casserole & hot pie, 5) Fries & spaghetti, 6) Pumpkin gratin & pumpkin pudding, 7) Cheese croquettes, 8) Golden chicken & popcorn shrimp, 9) Recommended desserts, 10) Bagels & cream cheese

Delicious meatloaf and minestrone soup.. You can even takeaway!

Wana slim down? How about a bowl of berry patch yogurt?

.. or some natural fruit juice and avocado salad? ♥♥

Yum yum~ Delicious casserole and hot pie~

Fries that will put a smile on your face :D

Pumpkin is always my favourite! The pudding container is in the shape of pumpkin 

Cheese lover, we have the cheese croquette selling in here~

Have your meal here to start a beautiful day, we are open from 9am to 8pm~

Not forgetting to get some tea time snacks~

After everything was out of the packaging..
A truly colourful and happy meals that will bring up your spirit~

Happy cactus is holding the rainbow colour tongs~ Super cute!

Everything you found in here, they were formed by the rainbow wasn't it?
Thanks for dropping by, till next time~

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