Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pokemon Mini Gashapon Vending Machine

A while back I bought two sets of mini gashapon vending machine from a collector (see another one at here). I was quite fortune to get them in a complete set, and they are all in brand new condition (came in sealed bag). I was so glad to have them since they're my first mini gashapon collection and I've been eyeing them for some time.

This set included four mini gashapon vending machine and
one poke stock, they all came with leaflets.

Super mini pokeball and capsule!

Comparison of vending machine with 100% bearbrick~

Among all of them, Korilakkuma decided to spin the pikachu vending machine...

...while Rilakkuma is still considering which one he likes the most

Korilakkuma already got her capsule

Seems like she is happy of what she got ^^

Will end the post here, thanks for dropping by :)

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