Thursday, August 25, 2016

Re-Ment: Pose Skeleton Japanese Style Room

If you wanted to set up a diorama for your miniature or even a background for video shooting, this skeleton Japanese style room is just right for you.

Product info: Re-Ment (2016) Japanese Style Room

Content included: A tatami floor, two paper background (each side have different scene), two zabuton (sitting cushion) and a iron kettle. Note that it does not come with any pose skeleton figurine or any furniture.

The first background is the house scene, pretty plan and simple.

The second background came with Japanese sliding doors and some decoration.

This red background, also the third diorama pattern

And the last scene shows someone house's garden and the street

I think they will be used quite frequently in my miniature photo shooting because they are so easy and quick to set up~

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