Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lipton Sweet Puff Collection

Lipton sweet puff collection, 8 designs in total.

I only got 5 designs out of 8. They came with original packaging instead of only the squishy itself. So the designs that I got are: Rose berry macaroon, open heart doughnut, double cream chou, milk chocolate eclair and the last one is waffle sand.

Took the close up of each packaging, and the squishy out of packaging.

They're only squeezable in some part and they're more like a squeeze toy rather than a squishy.

After everything out of the packaging. They look so realistic and yummy :D

If you guys didn't know, these sweet charms are actually free gift when you buy a bottle of Lipton tea (wonder is it only in Japan, but I'm sure they weren't in Malaysia). All I have to say is everything from Japan are just cute, even a free gift! All right the end will be here, thanks for dropping by~

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