Tuesday, August 23, 2016

J Dream Mini Bread Squishy #2

I was super excited to get these mini bread squishy! So far they release two series (for mini bread) and the one I got was the second series.

And yes, I got the complete set for these! I'm really into it's realistic packaging and guess I will not cut the packaging for now.. (I prefer to keep them as new as possible).

They're actually capsule toy. If you're expert in searching and buying capsule toy, you'll able to get these together with the capsule and leaflets. I bought them from local store and unlucky the capsule and leaflets weren't included.

The squishy came with ball chain and tag. Below I've took the photo for front and back view for each of them, hope you enjoy :)

I took out the bread loaf to squeeze since it can be taken out without destroying the packaging

They're pretty squishy although they're mini :)

That's all for the close up, my thought? They're super cute and squishy! Below shows the first series, and I've already listed them in my "must buy list" XD Looks like the packaging are all different, was wondering the softness will be different too? Anyway, stay tune and till next time ^^

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