Friday, July 29, 2016

Re-Ment: Gudetama Convenience Store

Product info: Re-Ment (2016) Gudetama Convenience Store

Line up with: 1) Udon & riceball, 2) Hot snacks, 3) Sushi & cake, 4) Pork cutlet on rice, 5) Bento, 6) Salad & sandwich, 7) Oden, 8) Ice cream

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Re-Ment: Elegant Sweets

Not forgetting to post up the older Re-ment I got on my hand while updating my latest purchase Re-ment. Today we'll have the insight of these sweets collection. Each of them came with super lovely packaging / sweets container, everything in this collection are just super detailed!

Product info: RE-MENT (2006) Elegant Sweets / Luxury Sweets

Monday, July 25, 2016

Nyanko Kitchen 3

There are few series for this Nyanko Kitchen and they have various color including red, purple, yellow and last the one which I got, blue kitchen.

Product info: Epoch Gashapon Toy - Nyanko Kitchen 3

Close up of each individual set shown as below, line up from the first to last. I put them on the cat designed cafe table, pretty suit since they're both in cat design ^_^

Accompanying with black cat chef as comparison, super cute!

The sauce can be "poured" out from the bottle..

.. same goes to this tea pot

The posture is quite weird since only the hand is posable.. >.<

They are very adorable aren't they?

Love this collection so much! Will plan to get another color for these :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Re-Ment: Rilakkuma Sushi

Product info: Re-Ment (2016) Rilakkuma Sushi

Line up with: 1) Recommendation, 2) Salmon, 3) Akami & roll sushi, 4) Fried sushi, 5) Healthy menu, 6) Inari sushi, 7) Take out, 8) Dessert

Re-Ment: Schoolyard Memories

Product info: Re-Ment (2016) Schoolyard memories

Line up with: 1) Entrance ceremony, 2) School gate, 3) Morning assembly, 4) Bronze statue, 5) Flower bed, 6) Playground equipment, 7) Athletic meeting, 8) Hand wash sink

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Megahouse: Animal Interior & Animal Manager and Friends

Recently I've bought some pre owned toy from a collector and I've finally complete my Megahouse Animal Interior! This time I got the black cat cafe, bear cafe and rabbit cafe, they came with original small box, leaflet, and the floor tiles (card). I also got the Animal Manager for the respective three cafe! Below I'm doing the close up for both Animal Interior and Animal Manager.

Product info: Megahouse (2007) Animal Interior

Product info: Megahouse (2007) Animal Manager & Friends
(left white bear and doggy to complete the entire collection)

Re-Ment: Pompompurin's Room

Product info: Re-Ment (2016) Pompopurin's Room

Line up with: 1) Good morning, 2) My favourite pictures, 3) Pompompurin's sofa, 4) Fashion check, 5) Tea time, 6) Internet surfing, 7) Good night, 8) Pompompurin's fridge

Friday, July 8, 2016

Re-Ment: Pop'N Snack Mascot Keychain

Super adorable and highly detailed Pixar themed snack mascot chain including the character from Toy story, Monster Inc and Finding Nemo. Came with total of 8 designs.

Product info: Re-Ment (2010) Monster, Toy Story, Nemo, Pop'N Snack Mascot Keychain

Line up with: 1) Monster peanut butter & grape jam, 2) Monsters cookies, 3) Space rangers pop corn, 4) Green aliens candy melon soda, 5) Buzz lightyear space ranger gum, 6) Cowboy's pizza stick, 7) Cowgirl's jelly bean selection, 8) Sea friends gummy

Re-Ment: Snoopy Retro Kitchen

Has since listed Snoopy as one of my favourite Re-ment character, so I'll started to buy and collect this series, stay tune Snoopy lover! ^^

Product info: Re-Ment (2015) Snoopy Retro Kitchen

Line up with: 1) Coffee break, 2) Chocolate chip cookie, 3) Breakfast, 4) Radio music, 5) Lunch time, 6) Shepherd's pie, 7) Deviled egg, 8) Banana pudding

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Re-Ment: Rilakkuma Maku-Maku Hamburger Shop

Product info: Re-Ment (2014) Rilakkuma Maku-Maku Hamburger Shop

Line up with: 1) Cheese muffin, 2) Rilakkuma burger, 3) Hotdog, 4) Fish burger, 5) Rice burger, 6) Vegetable pita sandwich, 7) Latte, 8) Hot coffee