Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Doraemon Dorayaki Squeeze Toy With Bell

I got these two Doraemon dorayaki squeeze toy in my recent squishy haul. Actually they have three selection in total (if I'm not mistaken, for the bell design) but I only got two of them. Below are the close up for each of them, front and back view, I do not take them out of the packaging cause I prefer the squishy looks like new.

The first design - Doraemon eating dorayaki

Squeeze out the red bean paste

The second design - Doraemon head

Squeeze out the red bean paste as well

I love these squeeze toy, they're more character dorayaki squeeze toy out there but I found the Doraemon is the cutest (Doraemon is my favourite character too), most probably I'll get the last design in future to make them the complete set~ Thank you for dropping by, will see you in my next post :D

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