Sunday, May 8, 2016

Moni Moni Animals Squishy #1

Recently just got three moni moni animals squishy, they are super cute and adorable! I think the best of moni moni animals squishy is their soft and jello-like material, the cute and adorable designed of the animals is also one of the attractive part.

These cute character came with two sizes: the mini one and the jumbo one, I only got the mini size so I'm not able to do the comparison, and also I bought the replica instead of authentic so the price is much more cheaper. 

Designs that I got: little sheep, yellow tiger and blue bear

Some snap shot of the packaging, front, side and back..

Comparison of mini moni moni squishy and my hand

I've seen some Youtuber posting their close up video of moni moni, other than the packaging, the quality of the moni moni have differences too. For further discussion / comparison, I think I have to get the original moni moni only I can share more :)

If you have any moni moni squishy, comment below, I would like to hear more about them ^^
Thanks for dropping by and till next time.

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