Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hoppe Chan

Greetings and introduce the new character I found out lately, it's name is Hoppe Chan. I found them in a shop named "Little Harajuku" where located on the 3rd floor of Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, the first branch selling Hoppe Chan in Malaysia.

I found that they're attractive for me because they being designed in a water droplet shape with blush chick, moreover, they're soft because they're made by silicon rather than plastic or any material which is hard.

They're female and male Hoppe Chan. Female Hoppe Chan are decorated with bow, ribbons and flowers while the male Hoppe Chan are decorated with cap and mustard. They came in various sizes including small size, medium size, large and extra large.

Hoppe Chan also came in themes such as halloween (decorated with pumpkin and starts ), angel (sparkling body), royal Hoppe Chan (decorated with crown tiara), cat ear Hoppe Chan and many more.

Here's what I got from the store. I only bought three pieces from they because I think it's kinda pricey for me.. (one for free).

I got this crystal yellow bow Hoppe Chan for free due to they having special event on that day

That's all for the haul, I will definitely continue hunting these cute little stuff in later days :)

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