Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hoppe Chan #2

Happy weekend everybody :D Today I'll be doing the close up for every single piece of Hoppe Chan that I bought last few weeks ago from a local shopping mall, I bought total of 18 pieces during their anniversary promotion event.

After I removed all their packaging, they are so colourful!

The gorgeous one. Glitter purple body with pearl beads on her head.

Fuji mountain Hoppe Chan with packaging

Cat girl Hoppe Chan, one of my most favourite among the 18 pieces. She looks really adorable with the eye lashes, glasses, cat bow and cat tail :)

Super adorable Kappa Hoppe Chan~

Dango Hoppe Chan, can't resist the fake food sample

Hoppe Chan with super cute bear cap

A chicken dango..?

Clover Hoppe Chan

Hoppe Chan on soda

The double yolk Hoppe

I got this very beautiful melon Hoppe Chan with bow in extra large size

And I got her one sister, a yellow Hoppe Chan with flower and bead (extra size as well)

Small Hoppe Chan on fruit jelly dessert

Hoppe Chan on spoon. This design only limited for sale in Malaysia

Cute bear hugging a sea shell with a Hoppe Chan on it's head.

I also got this glow in the dark skateboard Hoppe Chan

Another large size glow in dark Hoppe Chan

This piece doesn't has any Hoppe Chan, but I bought it because I think it's cute :)

And I got these extras in the haul, they're all free! :D

Time to do the size comparison~ Line up with: extra large, large, medium and small. Actually there's just a little differences between the large size and medium size.

I bought a display case to display all my Hoppe Chan and they fit perfectly.

Will end the post here, thanks for dropping by!

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