Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tamagotchi Friends (bright star)

When I was young, I only can read this incredible virtual pet console through publication, but today I finally got my first Tamagotchi ever! I bought it from ToyRus toy store and I was extremely excited because this console aroused my childhood memory so much and I wanted to have it for such a long time.

Tamagotchi Friends have 12 designs in total. The 6 original designs are: animal-print blue, heart-print pink, brown-spotted white, plain purple, plain blue and plain trad.

The wave 2 designs, also the american designs are: silver pink gem, silver purple gem, silver blue gem, polka dots, purple jewel and the last one is bright star.

So the one I got from ToyRus is the bright star pattern, let's view the close up below.
Product info: Bandai (2004) Tamagotchi Friends - Bright star

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